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Michigan Politics

High National Profile For 1st District Race

Over the decades, Michigan’s northernmost congressional district has had prominent veteran members of the U.S. House, including 1953-64 Representative Victor Knox (R-Sault Ste. More...

Maintaining Your Health on Mackinac

Gambling: An Ever Expanding Industry and Growing Addiction

The phenomenon of casino gambling is continuing to expand in many locations in the United States, in addition to the many forms of legal and illegal gambling that have existed for a long time. More...

A Look at History

What Happened After the Capture of Fort Mackinac: A Surprising Aftermath

This year of 2012 has marked the summer in which we “celebrated,” if that is the word, the bicentennial of the British Landing incident and the bloodless capture of Mackinac Island by the British Army and their Native and Canadian allies. More...

Nature Notes

Two Blue Birds: A Closer Look at the Blue Jay and Great Blue Heron

This week’s column is about two blue birds, but neither of them are bluebirds. One is the great blue heron and the other is the blue jay. In the last couple of weeks I’ve become particularly aware of some of their eating habits.  More...


We are certainly enjoying a nice stretch of summer weather. The days have been warm and the nights cool, great for sleeping. More...

Horse Tales

Reworking A Racehouse: Nicolet’s Journey To Mackinac Island

It is now two seasons that an ex-racehorse has spent the summer on Mackinac Island. It has been an interesting journey in how a horse swapped careers. More...

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