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City, State Park Share Boom Lift for Work in High Places

The City of Mackinac Island and Mackinac State Historic Parks are sharing ownership of a boom lift, a piece of equipment used to provide workers with access to high places, under an agreement that meets a need each of them have for painting and other maintenance work on their buildings.

Per the agreement, the city purchased the equipment and will be reimbursed 40% by the state park next fall. The device is stored at the state park-operated Mackinac Island Airport, where each has equal access to it. Workers will use it for repairs, scheduled maintenance, and renovations of city and state park structures.

City attorney Tom Evashevski and Nate Gamble of the Michigan Attorney General’s Office drew up a contract specifying the city and park will share in maintenance costs, informally coordinate its use, and that either side will provide reasonable advance notice of any project that will tie it up for more than seven days. The responsible party will pay for any repairs resulting from negligence or misuse.

Each side must carry adequate liability insurance and limit use of the lift to certified employees. Both city maintenance employees are certified. and foreman Sid DeHaan and assistant foreman Mike Ruddle used it for several weeks this fall to paint and repair window frames at Community Hall.

The contract specifies the state park will reimburse $11,597, about 40% of the $28,997 purchase price, by October 1, 2018. Both parties have reserved the right to terminate or amend the contract if circumstances change.

The city council approved the deal on a 5-1 vote October 11, with Jason St. Onge voting against it. He argued that it will be costly to maintain. He also thought the state park should pay a larger share of the purchase price because it has more buildings to maintain.

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